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LP Gear


LP Gear specializes in phonograph needles, phono cartridges, turntable belts, and audio supplies and accessories

Turntable belts


Our knowledge of turntable belts is truly unique in the industry and our supply is extensive. As a full-line turntable belt specialist, we can supply turntable belt replacements for almost any turntable brand and model.


Phono cartridge


LP Gear imports phono cartridges such as the world class rated Audio-Technica AT95E and AT110E.


Stylus replacements

LP Gear has one of the most extensive and in-depth inventory of superior quality and world class original and replacement diamond phonograph needles in the world. We have direct access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and replacement phonograph needle manufacturers, importers and distributors.


Audio Supplies & Accessories

LP Gear audio accessories:

Headshell wires, headshells, Soar tonearm and tonearm cables, X3 Cleaning & Antistatic Brush, Z Mat, Stylus Inspector Loupe, Zero Reference Level, Cartridge mounting screws, Alignment Protractor, Black bearing oil, and more


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