Starbrandz Networks

Fidelity In, Fidelity Out
2227 Double Tree Av.
Henderson , NV 89052
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A new name,
a renewed focus

Starbrandz Networks is the name of Elex Atelier’s distribution operation. Our overall business has grown more complex. We wanted to separate our retail and distribution operations so that each core business can better focus and serve their customers.

As it was when we started, Elex Atelier will continue its specialization on the retail of analog and turntable parts and enhancements. Starbrandz will focus on the selection of brands and distribution to the wholesale and audio trade.

We believe in the strength of remaining small to the core.

Starbrandz Networks imports and distributes high fidelity audio equipment and enhancements to the audio trade. As our name eminently states, Starbrandz Networks nurtures selected brands to become stars within their selected markets.

We select and partner with brands that illuminate and expand the experience of high fidelity music at home, at work and on the go. It’s about delivery of highest fidelity music — first and foremost. All else follows.

Our name is new. But our commitment to and pursuit of excellence remain our constellation for over 10 years. Our website, as most active websites go, is a work in progress. As we are with ourselves, with our work, and with our service, we'll continue to be better.

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